Transfiguration of Our Lord

Iconography:  Transfiguration of Our Lord

Date: XVI century. the second half of the 16th century, 1560s

Origin: From the iconostasis of Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin of the St. Antony monastery.

Material: Wood, tempera

Setting's material: Silver

Dimensions:  height 66 cm, width 55,3 cm

The icon depicts the scene of the Transfiguration of Our Lord on Mount Tabor in the presence of Christ’s closest disciples: Peter, john and James. To either side of Jesus stand the Old Testament prophets Moses and Elijah.

Inv. № 2712. © Novgorod State United Museum

  • General view
  • Jesus Christ
  • Elijah the Prophet
  • Moses the Prophet
  • Moses the Prophet. A fragment
  • The Apostle Peter and John the Theologian
  • James