Nicholas the Wonderworker

Iconography:  Nicholas (lap)

Date: XVI century. The second quarter of the 16th c.

Icon-painter: Possibly painted by a middle-Russian master or most likely by a Murom iconographer, well aware of the Moscow iconography

Origin: From the Church of Cosmas and Damian in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 88 cm, width 65 cm

The distinctive feature of this work is a slightly turned face of the saint with a high forehead, narrow bottom part and small features, a silhouette of a figure broadening downwards, a cherry-brown phelonion with color highlights and the pattern of the omophorion, whose end constitutes a loop put on the saint’s left hand, under the Gospel code. In the upper part of the centerpiece are medallions with the half-figures of Christ and the Mother of God. 

Received by the Museum from the Smolensk Church in Murom on January 9, 1930. Restored in 1933 in the Murom Museum by I.I.Tyulin. Further restoration was performed in 1992 at the Murom Museum by the Grabar Restoration Center (T.M.Mosunova). 

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