Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom, Sts, with scenes from their lives

Iconography:  Peter of Murom, St., Febronia of Murom, St., Hagiographic cycle of Peter and Fevronia

Date: XVII century. 1618

Origin: From the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Murom

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 174 cm, width 143 cm

In the center is an image of Peter and Fevronia dressed in monastic clothes praying to Emmanuel. A relatively small central part of the icon is surrounded by 32 large border scenes. The icon borders are covered with metallic basma with the ornamentation, typical of the first half of the 17th century. The border scenes cycle doesn’t reproduce any redaction of the Tale of Peter and Fevronia but is close to its Second redaction and the redaction by Patriarch Hermogen. 

Border scenes: 

1. The reign of brother princes Peter and Paul 

2. Peter sees in his sister-in-law’s room the serpent in the guise of of Prince Paul 

3. Peter takes Agric’s sword 

4. Peter kills the serpent 

5. Peter goes to the Ryazan land in search of healers 

6. Peter’s servant comes to Fevronia’s house 

7. The healing of Peter and his hasty departure to Murom 

8. The sick Peter goes back to Fevronia 

9. Peter’s servant comes to Fevronia once again 

10. The recovery of Peter 

11. The wedding of Peter and Fevronia 

12. Peter and Fevronia meet the clergy and the citizens of Murom 

13. The wedding feast in Murom 

14. The Murom boyars demands the expulsion of Peter and Fevronia 

15. Peter and Fevronia leave Murom 

16. The miracle of the blossoming trees 

17. The boyars’ feud in Murom 

18. The citizens beg Peter and Fevronia to go back and reign in Murom 

19. Peter and Fevronia meet with the citizens of Murom 

20. Just reign of Peter and Fevronia 

21. Peter and Fevronia give alms to the poor 

22. Preparation of a coffin for Peter and Fevronia, Peter and Fevronia take the monastic vows 

23. Peter sends a messenger to Fevronia to tell her about his nearing death; Fevronia is embroidering air 

24. The dormition of Peter 

25. The dormition of Fevronia 

26. The entombment of Peter in a church 

27. The entombment of Fevronia outside of the city in the Monastery of the Elevation of the Cross 

28. The miraculous re-unification of the saints’ bodies in one grave 

29. The reburial of Peter in a separate grave in a church 

30. The reburial of Fevronia Peter in a separate grave in the Monastery of the Elevation of the Cross 

31. The second re-unification of the saints’ bodies in one grave 

32. The laying of the coffin with the relics of Peter and Fevronia in the church

Deposited in the Museum on September 23, 1935. Restored in 1936 at the Murom Museum by I.I.Tyulin 

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