Parasсeva Pyatnitsa

Iconography:  Parasceva of Iconium (Pyatnitsa), the Great Martyress

Date: XVII century. Mid 17th c.

Origin: From the Church of St. Nicholas of Zaryadsk in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 90 cm, width 70,5 cm

The half-length figure of St. Paraskeva; in her left hand she is holding a cross; with her left hand she supports a scroll unfolded upward, with the first words of the Symbol of Faith. Quite interesting is an inscription on either side of the saint interpreting her Greek name Paraskeva as a nickname and her nickname as a name “С (вя)тая Пятница Христова м (у)ч(е)ница нарицаемая // Порасковея”. The icon is noted for its contrast color solution – a red-orange cloak, white sudarium and dark-blue, almost black, chiton against a dark-blue background. The saint’s features are distinguished by round brows, deep eyes and thin nose. 

Deposited in the Museum in 1930. Restored in 1996 at the Grabar Restoration Center by Yu. Chernova. 

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