Angel with a scroll

Iconography:  Angel with a scroll

Date: XVIII century. The late 17th – early 18th centuries (1714 ?)

Icon-painter: Alexander Kazantsev's workshop (?)

Origin: From the Annunciation Convent in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 180 cm, width 79 cm

The angel with a scroll, dressed in chiton and himation decorated with precious stones is shown seated at the table with a figured inkstand on it. In his right hand he holds a white feather, and with his left supports a scroll lying on the lap, reading “Агг (е)л Г(о)с(по)д(е)нь запи // сует име // на входя//щих в ц(е)рков(ь) // Г(о)с(по)дню». В верхней части иконы над головой ангела помещена пространная надпись необычного содержания «Ввидеши с (вя)тыи от (е)ц Аммонии агг(е)ла // Г(о)с(по)дня седяще и писуще имена входящих // в церков(ь) Б(о)ж(и)ю агг(е)л Г(о)с(по)д(е)нь”. 

Deposited in the Murom Museum on January 8, 1942. Further restored in 1992 in the Murom Museum by Yu.V.Chernova a restorer with the Grabar Restoration Center. 

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