Constantine and Helen, Sts.

Iconography:  Constantine, equal-to-the-Apostles, Helena Equal-to-the Apostles, St.

Date: XVIII century. 1718

Icon-painter: Alexander Kazantsev’s workshop (?).

Origin: From the Annunciation Convent in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 159 cm, width 91,5 cm

Sts. Constantine and Helen are shown on either side of a seven-pointed cross. They are wearing rich royal clothes and a closed crown. On Helen’s head, under the crown, is a white headscarf, the shoulders are covered with an ermine cloak. Constantine is holding the royal rod in his right hand. Above the cross is a half-length image of Christ in the clouds blessing with both hands. In the corners are the sun and the moon. On either side of the cross is an inscription reading «Обретение честнаго и животворящего кре (с)та Г (оспо)дния с (вя) ты бл(а)говерныи ц(а)рь Константин и мати его с (вя)тая благоверная ц(а)рица Елена». 

Deposited in the Museum on January 8, 1942. 

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