Savior of Smolensk with the kneeling saints

Iconography:  Savior of Smolensk

Date: XVIII century. The first quarter of the 18th century

Origin: From the St. Nicholas of Murom Church in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 98 cm, width 62 cm

Against a greenish-blue background of the centerpiece is the figure of Christ in a green himation with the folds highlighted in white paint and a pink-white chiton. In the upper part, in the cinnabar clouds are two angels holding the instruments of Passion. Falling down before Christ are Sts. Nikita Novgorodsky, Prince Peter and Prince Fevronia and Saint Paraskeva. 

Deposited in the Museum on November 29, 1940. Restored in 1993 at the Grabar Restoration Center by T.M.Mosunova. 

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