Akathist to Jesus the Sweetest (icon frame)

Iconography:  Akathist to Jesus the Sweetest

Date: XVIII century. 1774

Origin: From the Church of St. Basil the Great in the village of Maloye Yuryevo, the Murom uezd.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 197 cm, width 187 cm

A series of illustrations consisting of 24 border scenes corresponding to 12 kondaks and 12 ikoses of the Akathist to Jesus the Sweetest. 

Border scenes: 

1. Kondak 1. «Взбранный воеводе и Господи…» (The Resurrection – the Descent into Hell) 

2. Ikos 1. «Ангелов Творче и Господи сил…» Christ heals the deaf-mute 

3. Kondak 2. «Видя вдовицу зельне плачущую…» (The Raising of the widow's son) 

4. Christ with Sts. Philip and Nathaniel (?)

5. The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles 

6. Christ preaches to publicans and sinners 

7. The Salvation of the drowning Peter 

8. The Healing of the blind 

9. Christ is shown standing on the coffin, before him is a bowl with the blood of Christ flowing from His wounds; in the background is a cross and the instruments of the Passion 

10. The Entry into Jerusalem 

11. Christ with the six Apostles 

12. Christ with the prophets before inferno 

13. The Bearing of the Cross 

14. The Appearance of Christ to the Apostles 

15. Christ and the Angels 

16. Christ trampling on the serpent 

17. The Ascension 

18. Christ and the Pharisees 

19. The Lamentation of Christ 

20. Christ heals the leprous 

21. The healing of woman possessed by Demon 

22. The Conversion of Saul 

23. The Contrition of St. Peter 

24. The Final Judgment 

Deposited in the Museum on July 27, 1942. Restored in 1994-2002 at the Grabar Restoration Center by T.A.Milova. 

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