Prophet Elijah

Iconography:  Fiery Ascension of Elijah the Prophet, Elijah in the Wilderness, Hagiographic cycle of Elijah the Prophet

Date: XIX century.

Material: Wood, tempera,

Dimensions:  height 89,5 cm, width 70,5 cm

In the centre of the icon is the Prophet Elijah sitting against the background of the landscape. In his left hand he is holding a thin staff. Fragments of the Prophet Elijah’s life are also depicted in the background.The Appearance of the Angel in the desert, as well as Elijah and Elisha crossing the Jordan on dry land. In the right upper corner the Prophet Elijah is shown in his Fiery Ascent. In the left upper corner is the Lord of Sabaoth in the clouds. 

© Omsk M.A. Vrubel Regional Museum of Fine Arts

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