Metropolitan Alexis.

Iconography:  Alexis St., Metropolitan of all Russia and Wonderworker of Moscow

Date: XV century. The end of the 15th c. 1481.

Iconographic school/art center:  Dionysius and his workshop

Icon-painter: Dionisius

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 197 cm, width 152 cm

The central part of the icon shows the full-length figure of Metropolitan Alexis; he is blessing with his right hand and holds a closed gospel book with his left.

Border scenes:

1. The birth of Elephtherios (Alexis)

2. Elephtherios attends a monastic school

3. The vision of Elephtherios

4. Elephtherios takes monastic vows under the name of Alexis

5. Alexis consecrated as Bishop of Vladimir

6. The “taming” of Khan Berdibek

7. Alexis asks St. Sergius of Radonezhsky to allow his disciple Andronik be the hegumen of the Savior Monastery he himself founded

8. Andronik is being blessed for hegumenship

9. Alexis is praying at the tomb of Metropolitan Peter before heading for the Horde

10. Alexis goes to the Horde to meet Khan Berdibek.

11. Alexis heals the Khan’s wife Taidula

12. Alexis returns to Moscow

13. In anticipation of his death, Alexis proposes St. Sergius of Radonezh to be his successor

14. Alexis prepares his tomb in the Chudov monastery he himself founded

15. The entombment of Alexis

16. Uncovering of Alexis’ relics

17. The resurrection of a dead child at the Alexis tomb

18. The woman healed from blindness gives the icon of St. Alexis to the church

19. Healings at the Alexis tomb

Inv. № .Др-1100. © The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


Иконопись из собрания Третьяковской галереи. М., 2008. С. 118-120.

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