Resurrection of Christ – the Descent into Hell

Iconography:  Resurrection – The Descent into Hell

Date: XV century. Second half of the 15th c.

Origin: From the Pokrov church of village Chernokulovo, Yuriev-Polskoy district.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 53 cm, width 38 cm

The icon from the Festival tier of iconostasis. In the center of the composition is shown Jesus Christ in a frontal pose. He leads kneeling Adam and Eve out of the shrine with both His hands. Symmetrical figures of Adam and Eve are depicted on either side of the Savior. To the right are represented righteous Abel and three Old Testament prophets talking to each other. To the left are prophets David and Solomon with John the Baptist. 

Inv. № В-9724 И-742 

© The Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum and Reserve 

Bibliography: Иконы Владимира и Суздаля. М., 2006. № 10. С. 88-90. (Описание Л.В. Нерсесяна, Е.В. Гладышевой)

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