Prince Boris

Iconography:  Boris, St. Prince Martyr (baptized as Roman)

Date: XVI century.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 65,5 cm, width 39,5 cm

Boris and Gleb, the sons of the Grand Prince Vladimir, were the first princes to have been canonized by the Orthodox Church; many icons, churches and chapels were dedicated to them. The icon of St. Prince Boris was obviously painted by an unknown iconographer for a Deesis tier of the high iconostasis. This icon was paired to that of the icon of Prince Gleb. Prince Boris is depicted wearing the princely clothes – a long dalmatic and an elegant cloak reminiscent of okhaben’ with long swing-aside sleeves, his head is crowned by a fur-trimmed hat. The saint’s figure is depicted in a three-quarter turn with his arms uplifted in a traditional benedictory gesture.

Inv. № 1256. © Radishchev State Art Museum, Saratov

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