Philip of Irapsk, Venerable, with scenes from his life

Iconography:  Philip Irapsky, the Rev., Hagiographic cycle Philip Irapskogo

Date: XVIII century. Late 18th – early 19th century

Origin: From Novoprechistenskaya church, the village of Vakhonkino, Cherepovetskiy district, Novgorodskaya region (now – Kaduyskiy district, Vologodskaya region).

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 138,2 cm, width 101 cm

Venerable Philip of Irapsk is represented frontally, full-length. His right hand is blessing, his left hand is holding an unfolded scroll with the inscription: «Первее яко трудишася зде мало великих во веки насыщаются второе яко преславная на телеси муки яже а ра». 14 border scenes represent the life of Venerable Philip, from making a monk to the post mortal miraculous healings. Each border scene is commented with the short hagiographical text. The major part of the composition unfolds inside the arched chamber with the columns and the depiction of the stone temple symbolizes the first stone building of the Philippo-Irapskaya hermitage – the Trinity cathedral. Except for the first border scene the Venerable is represented as a middle-aged man with the ascetic features of the face. In the upper part of the icon is the Old Testament Trinity shown in the quadrant.

Border scenes:

1. Tonsure of Theophilus by Venerable Cornelius Komelskiy

2. Venerable Philip in the Komelsky monastery during the canon chant hears the voice “Go”

3. Apparition of the angel to Venerable Philip in his sleep on the bank of the Andoga river in Krasniy Bor

4. Venerable Philip comes to prince Andrew Sheleshpanskiy to ask for a place in Krasniy Bor

5. John, the brother of prince Andrew, intends to drive Venerable Philip out but perishes

6. By request of Venerable Philip prince Andrew marks the area between Bolshoy and Maliy Irap rivers and founds the church commemorating the Holy Trinity

7. Death of Venerable Philip

8. Miracle of Venerable Philip of healing the demon-possessed Vlas Alekseev

9. Apparition of Venerable Philip to sexton Illarion Gavrilov

10. Apparition of Venerable Philip to elder Theodosius, healing him and command to paint the icon of Venerable Philip and put it on his grave

11. Miracle of Venerable Philip of healing demon-possessed Catherine, the daughter of mandative prince Shcherbatiy

12. Miracle of Venerable Philip of healing Theodor, the monk of Philippo-Irapskaya hermitage

13. Miracle of Venerable Philip of healing the eyes of Timothy

14. Miracle of Venerable Philip of healing the citizen of the Andogskaya district

Was deposited in 1935.

Restoration: the Vologda branch of the All-Russian Art Scientific and Restoration Center named after I.E. Grabar, 1992, restorer – Rybakov A.A.

Inv. №1051/1. © Cherepovets Museum Association.

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. С. 24, кат. № 99 (Илл. 100).

  • General view
  • Mullion
  • Mullion. A fragment
  • The face of saint
  • The Holy Trinity
  • John, the brother of prince Andrew, intends to drive Venerable Philip out but perishes