Parasceva, the Great Martyress

Iconography:  Parasceva of Iconium (Pyatnitsa), the Great Martyress

Date: XVI century. Middle of the 16th century

Origin: From the church in honor of Saint martyrs Florus and Laurus (was closed in 1778), hermitage Kulda near the village Pasmurovo, Cherepovetsky district, Novgorodskaya region.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 85 cm, width 63 cm

Parasceva is shown frontally, waist-length. The saint is depicted in the red mantle of the martyress with the white kerchief on her head. The angels holding the crosses in their hands are putting the effulgent martyrs’ wreath on her head. In her right hand she is holding the eight-pointed cross, in her left hand – the scroll with the initial words of the Symbol of Faith text. 

Was deposited in the museum in 1930 from the chapel of Floro-Lavrskaya chapel, the village Pasmurovo, Prisheksninskiy district, Leningradskaya region. At present the village does not exist any longer. 

Restoration: the State Russian Museum, 1958, restorer – Konenkov S.F. 

Inv. №507/1. © Cherepovets Museum Association. 

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. С. 18. Кат. № 29 (Илл. 31).

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