Old Testament Trinity

Iconography:  Hospitality of Abraham’s (The Old Testament Trinity)

Date: XVI century. Middle of the 16th century

Origin: From the Voskresensky Goritsky nuns’ convent, Kirillovsky district of the Novgorodskaya province (now village Goritsy in the Kirillovsky district, Vologodskaya region). The convent was founded in 1544 by princess Euphrosyne Staritskaya (monastic name – Eudocia).

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 99 cm, width 82,5 cm

The angels are seated around the table with the bowls, knives and labises. In their left hands they are holding the sticks, their right hands are extended forward in a blessing gesture. Above the angels to the left are the chambers, to the right is the rock, in the center is shown the oak of Mamre. At the sides of the central angel’s halo is the inscription “Jesus Christ”.

Was deposited in 1930.

Restoration: the State Russian Museum, 1959, restorer – Konenkov S.F.

Inv. №560/9. © Cherepovets Museum Association.

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. С. 19-20, кат. № 31 (Илл. 31).

  • General view
  • The left angel
  • The central angel
  • The right angel