Forefather Noah

Iconography:  Noah

Date: XVIII century.

Origin: From the church commemorating the Transfiguration of Our Lord in the village of Borisoglebskoye at the bank of the Irma river, Cherepovetsky district, Novgorodskaya region (now Sheksninsky district, Vologodskaya region)

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 80 cm, width 42 cm

Full-length depiction of forefather Noah with the model of the ark in his hands.

Was deposited in 1931.

Restoration: the All-Russian Art Scientific and Restoration Center named after I.E. Grabar, 1991, restorer – Ryzhakova E.V.

Inv. №636/7. © Cherepovets Museum Association.

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. Кат. № 83 (Илл. 84).

  • General view
  • Forefather Noah. A fragment
  • Forefather Noah. A fragment