Old Testament Trinity

Iconography:  Hospitality of Abraham’s (The Old Testament Trinity)

Date: XVI century.

Iconographic school/art center:  Pskov icon-painting school

Origin: From the church of Myrrh-Bearers in Pskov

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 77 cm, width 56 cm

Three angels are seated around the table throne set out for a meal. To the right and to the left of the central angel stand Abraham and Sarah. The core of the composition is a phial with the head of the sacrificial calf. The left angel symbolizing God the Father is blessing the phial as if giving it to the Son. The blessing right hand of the central angel above the phial symbolizes the readiness of the Son of God for a propitiatory sacrifice. Against the background are depicted the chambers of Abraham, the oak of Mamre and the Mount Moriah. One of the specific features of the icon is the left angel attired in the red clothes.

Inv. № 1591. © Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Fine Arts Museum-Reserve

Bibliography: Васильева О.А. Иконы Пскова. М., 2006. № 71. С. 255.

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