Apostle Paul

Iconography:  Paul the Apostle

Date: XVI century. First third of the 16th century.

Origin: Was deposited in the museum in 1889 by peasant of the village of Ivashevo A. Kurenkov.

Material: Wood, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 102 cm, width 41 cm

The icon from the Deesis row of iconostasis. The saint is represented in a three-quarter turn to the left. Apostle Paul is holding a Gospel book in his hands decorated with a precious casing. The image is practically spread horizontally. The apostle is dressed in dark green chiton and wine-colored himation, covering his figure to the knees.

Inv. № И-527. © State Rostov-Yaroslavl Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve

Bibliography: Вахрина В.И. Иконы Ростова Великого. М., 2006. № 34. С. 134. 

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