Nicholas the Wonderworker, with life scenes and miracles

Iconography:  Hagiographic cycle Nicholas, Nicholas (lap)

Date: XVIII century. Late 18th century.

Iconographic school/art center:  The Palekh iconographic school

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera, gold

Dimensions:  height 124 cm, width 84 cm

In the centerpiece is a shoulder-length image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker surrounded by border scenes illustrating the saint’s life and his miracle.

  1. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord;
  2. The Nativity of St. Nicholas;
  3. The Baptism of St. Nicholas
  4. Nicholas heals a woman with a crippled arm;
  5. St. Nicholas is brought to monastic school;
  6. St.Nicholas is consecrated deacon;
  7. Nicholas is consecrated priest;
  8. St. Nicholas saves the three young women from disgrace;
  9. St. Nicholas quels the storm on the way to Palestine;
  10. St. Nicholas raises the youth who fell down from the mast;
  11. St. Nicholas heals the man possessed by a demon;
  12. Nicholas consecrated bishop;
  13. St. Nicholas in prison;
  14. St. Nicholas denounces Arius at the Council of Nicaea;
  15. St. Nicholas helps the Italian merchant sail his ship to Myra;
  16. St. Nicholas saves the three generals from the execution;
  17. St. Nicholas appears to the three generals in prison;
  18. St. Nicholas saves a sinking ship sailing from Egypt to Lycia;
  19. The repose of St. Nicholas;
  20. The entombment of St. Nicholas;
  21. Nicholas saves Basil, the son of Agricos, from Saracen captivity;
  22. St. Nicholas saves priest Christophoros from execution;
  23. St. Nicholas releases the Saracen from prison;
  24. St. Nicholas’ relics translated from Myra of Lycia to Bari;
  25. The miracle with the three icons;
  26. St. Nicholas saves the drowning Patriarch Athanasius;
  27. St. Nicholas saves general Peter from prison;
  28. St. Nicholas saves the drowning Demetreus;
  29. St. Nicholas saves the drowning child in the Dnieper;
  30. The miracle with the Cuman;
  31. St. Nicholas helps Serbian king Stephan to recover his sight;
  32. St. Nicholas drives the demons out of the well;
  33. St. Nicholas raises the man drowned in the sea;
  34. St. Nicholas heals the sick youth;
  35. St. Nicholas saves Simeon from the flooding;
  36. St. Nicholas gives gold to a poor monastery;
  37. St. Nicholas buys a carpet from the old man and returns it to his wife;
  38. St. Nicholas saves the youth Nicholas possessed by a demon.

Registration number ГМПИ 1668\130. ДИ-9-И. © The State Museum of Palekh Art


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