Transfiguration of Our Lord

Iconography:  Transfiguration of Our Lord

Date: XVIII century. Late 18th century.

Iconographic school/art center:  The Palekh iconographic school

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera, gold

Dimensions:  height 47,5 cm, width 33,5 cm

Jesus is shown on the top of the rocky landscape against the background of a glory. On either side of Christ, on side peaks are Elijah (left) and Moses (right). In the bottom part of the icon, at the foot of rocky mountains are the apostles Peter, John and James.

Registration number ГМПИ 1668\234.ДИ-12-И. © The State Museum of Palekh Art


1. Иконопись Палеха из собрания Государственного музея палехского искусства (Palekh Icon Painting. State Museum of Palekh Art ). М., 1994.C. 147. Илл. LVII.

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