Nicholas the Wonderworker, with life scenes

Iconography:  Hagiographic cycle Nicholas, Nicholas (lap)

Date: XX century. 1903.

Iconographic school/art center:  The Palekh iconographic school

Icon-painter: Khokhlov, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera, gold

Dimensions:  height 22,5 cm, width 18 cm

In the centerpiece is a waist-length depiction of Nicholas the Wonderworker. On either side of him are the half-figures of Christ with the Gospel in hands and the Mother of God with an omophorion.

Border scenes:

1. The Baptism of St. Nicholas;

2. St. Nicholas is brought to monastic school;

3. St.Nicholas is consecrated deacon;

4. Nicholas is consecrated bishop;

5. St. Nicholas saves the three young women from disgrace;

6. Nicholas appears to Emperor Constantine in a dream. St.Nicholas appears to the eparch Eulavius in a dream;

7. St. Nicholas saves the three generals from the execution;

8. St. Nicholas saves the drowning Patriarch Athanasius;

9. Nicholas saves Basil, the son of Agricos, from Saracen captivity;

10. The repose of St. Nicholas;

11. St. Nicholas’ relics translated from Myra of Lycia to Bari.

Registration number ГМПИ 3118. ДИ-448-И. © The State Museum of Palekh Art


1. Иконопись Палеха из собрания Государственного музея палехского искусства (Palekh Icon Painting. State Museum of Palekh Art ). М., 1994. С. 150.

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