Crucifixion. Icon cross

Iconography:  Crucifixion, Cross

Date: XIX century.

Iconographic school/art center:  Moscow.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera, copper, silver

Dimensions:  height 14 cm, width 17,5 cm

The icon cross "The Crucifixion" with bystanders. Made in the form of icon-setting and a cast copper gilded cross cut into wood, with a depiction of figures bystanding the cross. The icon-setting is engraved and hammered. Two master’s brands: "1818" and "84".

Inv. № 1543. © The Andrey Rublyov Museum of Medieval Russian Culture and Art

  • General view
  • Bystanders on the left
  • Bystanders on the right
  • Half-length view of the bystander on the left
  • Jesus Christ depicted with bystanders on the left and right
  • Half-length view of the bystander on the right
  • The lower part of the cross (master’s border panels are visible)
  • Depiction of sun in the upper left corner of the frame
  • Depiction of the upper part of the cross
  • Depiction of the moon in the upper right corner of the frame
  • Fragment of the frame with master’s border panels