Nativity of the Holy Virgin

Iconography:  Nativity of the Holy Virgin

Date: XVI century.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 34,5 cm, width 27 cm

In earlier iconographic versions Blessed Anne is shown half-lying or half-sitting on a couch (a common childbearing position least painful for women), its image is bigger than others; standing by her are women with offerings, before her is a midwife and maidens washing the daughter of God in the font or presenting Her to the mother, Blessed Mary is often depicted lying in the cradle. Later icons show the righteous Joachim as well. These icons are richer in details they show a table with offerings and food, a basin and birds.

Inv. № 1589. © The Andrey Rublyov Museum of Medieval Russian Culture and Art

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