• Peter and Paul, Sts.

    It took Yury Ruzavin six years to restore the 11th century icon of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Its colors are as deep as if the saints have just been painted, with the exception of a few small fragments that have eclipsed with time. No less complex was the restoration of the icon setting, which is composed of 500 gild silver fragments. Some pieces are not gilded – the experts say they were not made in the 11th century, but inserted centuries later. The restoration has also revealed the medieval niello, which fused with gray oxidized surface.
  • Paul, the Apostle

    From the Deesis tier. Paul the Apostle is shown wearing a cloak completely draping his left hand and leaving open his right hand. Very untypical is the saint’s gesture – he is portrayed showing the inclined Gospel book, which is put almost on the corner, instead of supporting it.
  • Peter and Paul, Sts with Scenes from the Life.

    In the center of the icon are frontal full-length figures of the saint apostles Peter and Paul, surrounded by scenes from their lives.
  • Apostles St.Peter and St.Paul

    The icon depicts the Apostles full-length, each of them holds the opened Gospel Book B.The Apostle Peter in his right hand holds the keys to the Christian Church given to him by Jesus Christ.The Apostle Paul is depicted with a sword in his right hand.
  • Paul the Apostle, St. From the Deesis (“Vysotsky”) row

    The half-figure of the Apostle standing at the left facing Christ. His head is slightly inclined, with both hands he presses to his chest a gospel, with a red edge and golden-ochre cover decorated with assist.
  • Paul the Apostle. From the Deisus Chin (Row) (“Zvenigorodsky”), St.

    A half-length image of the Apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn.
  • Apostles Peter and Paul

    The slim figures of the saints are portrayed with disproportionally big heads. The style in which the bright and sparkling with color highlights clothes of the apostles are painted distinguishes itself from the background and the earth, noted for sharp contrast combination of large cinnabar surfaces and green color. This “patchwork” style is the evidence of the provincial origin of the icon.
  • Apostle Paul

    The full-length figure of the Apostle Paul in prayer in a three-quarter turn. The color solution of the Deesis row is based on the typical Novgorodian three-color scheme – red, green and yellow. The images are noted for internal expression, though more powerful shapes gave way to slim proportions.
  • Apostles Peter and Paul with scenes from their lives

    The apostles Peter and Paul are depicted praying to the Our Lady of the Sign. The centerpiece is surrounded by twenty border scenes. Inv. № И-35. © Republic of Karelia Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Apostle Paul

    The full-length figure of the Apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn.
  • Apostle Paul, full length image

    The icon from the Deesis row of the iconostasis portraying the Apostle Paul dressed in a dark-blue chiton and a bright himation. In accordance with iconographic traditions, the apostle is portrayed holding his usual attribute – the Gospel.

  • Paul, the Apostle, and the Ascension.

    In the lower tier is shown the full-length depiction of the apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn. In the upper tier is represented The Ascension of Our Lord.
  • Paul, the Apostle

    The icon from the Deesis tier depicting the full-length figure of apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn.
  • Apostle Paul

    The icon from the Deesis row of iconostasis. Full-length depiction of the apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn.
  • Apostle Paul

    The icon from the Deesis row of Iconostasis. The depiction of apostle Paul full-length in a three-quarter turn. Is a part of the “Intercession tier” the style and colors of which may be traced back to the northern branch of the Rostov iconographic tradition. The icons are painted graphically, its colors and silhouettes are quite exquisite.
  • Peter and Paul, the Apostles

    Apostles Peter and Paul are depicted full-length in a three-quarter turn. Peter is holding a scroll in his hand and Paul is holding the Gospel book. In the upper part of the icon is shown Our Lady of the Sign.
  • Paul the Apostle

    The icon from the Deesis tier.
  • Vladimir icon of the Mother of God with the Selected Saints

    Apparently, this icon is a copy of the venerated relic of the Rostov Cathedral. The center of the upper border shows the scene of Transfiguration of Our Lord and at its sides are the waist-length depictions of bowing archangels Michael and Gabriel in the aureoles. On the right and on the left borders are shown the figures of the selected saints according to the hierarchy.

    There are prophet John the Forerunner and apostle Paul, apostles Peter and John the Theologian, saints Nicholas and Alexis, saint warriors Theodore of Tyre and Theodore Stratelates, martyresses Tatiana and Anastasia. 

  • Apostle Paul

    The icon from the Deesis row of iconostasis. The saint is represented in a three-quarter turn to the left. Apostle Paul is holding a Gospel book in his hands decorated with a precious casing. The image is practically spread horizontally. The apostle is dressed in dark green chiton and wine-colored himation, covering his figure to the knees.
  • Apostle Paul

    Waist-length depiction of apostle Paul in a three-quarter turn.
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker, St., with the Deesis and the Selected Saints

    The centerpiece shows the waist-length depiction of St. Nicholas. On the upper border of the icon is represented Deesis with the image of Savior Not Made by Hands in the centre. At the sides of the Savior are represented waist-length depictions of the Mother of God, John the Forerunner and archangels Michael and Gabriel. At the sides of the central image of Nicholas the Wonderworker are shown the half-figures of great forefathers Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian, apostles Peter and Paul , healers Cosmas and Damian. In the lower part of the centerpiece are the depictions of protomartyr archdeacon Stephen, great martyrs Parasceva, Catherine and Barbara and also martyr Menas.
  • Apostle Paul

    Icon from the Deesis tier. Full-length depiction of apostle Paul in the three-quarter turn.