(mentioned as born in 1647 in Solikamsk, died November 3, 1689). In the early 1650s Fedor Zubov moved to Viliky Ustyug where he painted the icon of The Savior Not Made by Hands for the gate Vsegradskaya gate church. The icon didn’t survive.

In 1657 Zubov took part in the painting of the Archangel Cathedral in Moscow but soon after left the capital and declined from returning there. After the fire in the St. Antoni of Siya Monastery the prior appealed to the tsar to order the sending of Zubov to the monastery for painting new icons. This request was not met; instead, in 1660 the tsar ordered the police to escort Zubov to Moscow to finish the painting of the Archangel Cathedral. At that time Zubov was painting icons commissioned by Anika Skrypin for the Catherdral of the Intercession in Yaroslavl. The employer appealed to the tsar to leave the master in the monastery until he has finished the painting.

It was only two years later – in 1662 – that Fedor Zubov finally arrived in Moscow where he became one of the five icon-painters enrolled on the tsar service. He painted icons together with Ushakov, Rezanets, Leontyev and Kozlov. He was valued as a highly-skilled icon-painter and organizer of large icon-painting projects in which many iconographers took part.