Аn Omsk icon-painter of the late 19th – early 20th centuries. His father, Trofim Fedorovich Kubrin, also an icon-painter, painted outdoor signs (in partnership with Artemeyev). Since 1872 ran his own firm Trofim Kubrin & Sons. From an advertisement published in the Omskie eparkhialnye novosti (The Omsk Eparchial News) (March 1, 1911, No 3): “Icon master, the painting of iconostases of all styles. Artistic painting of iconostasis images against plain and gilded backgrounds. The gilding of church domes and crosses. The iconostasis-painting and icon-painting works are attested by more than 19 certificates. Trofim Kubrin & Sons Co.” His son, Mikhail Trofimovich Kubrin, displayed his icons at the First Western Siberian Forest and Trade-Industrial Exhibition in 1911. The Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts in Omsk keeps his icon of the Archangel Gabriel.