(b. 1679, mentioned in 1719) – a Yaroslavl icon-painter, was on the staff of the Synod office. In March-August 1712, he painted banners in the Moscow’s Armory. Survived works: 1. Our Lady of Jerusalem, with saints on the margins. 1710. State Russian Museum. 2. Sts. Peter and Paul. 1712. Novo-Devichy Monastery Museum 3. Life-giving well-spting. 1715. Murom Museum of History and Art 4. A triptych. In the center: the Deesis — the Savior Enthroned with attending angels, John the Baptist and the Apostle James, son of Jebedee. Left leaf represents Our Lady of the Sign with attending St. Hermannus, archbishop of Kazan, St. Nicholas, St. Huri of Kazan and Varsonothy of Tver. Right leaf: full-length figures of selected figures: St. George the Great, Zosimos and Sabbatius, martyr Agrippina. 1719. State Historical Museum.