(born ca. 1656 - died ca. 1700) icon-painter and woodcarver, a master of the Armory Chamber, head of the Goldpainting Chamber. He is the author of the carved iconostasis in the Church of the Intercession in the village of Fili. The iconostasis is composed of signed icons in the Sovereign tier – Apostles Peter and Paul, Alexis, the man of God and John the Baptist, martyrs Adrian, Natalia, Paraskeva, St. Leon – the Roman Pope, culminating in the Crucifixion with the author’s autography.

Karp Zolotarev supervised the carving of the iconostasis for the Trasfiguration gate church in the Novodevichy monastery in Moscow. He also created the iconostasis for the fratery in the Kremlin Church of St. Catherine and painted the Trinity tower in the Kremlin. He supervised the creation of the iconostasis in the Grand Cathedral of the Donskoy Monastery.