Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker of Zaraisk with scenes from his life

Iconography:  Nicholas of Zaraysk, St.

Date: XVII century. Second half of the 17th century

Origin: From the church commemorating the Transfiguration of Our Lord in the village of Mikhaylovo, Cherepovetsky district, Novgorodskaya region (now Kaduysky district, Vologodskaya region).

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 71 cm, width 57,7 cm

The centerpiece depicts Nicholas the Wonderworker in full Episcopal vestment with his hands spread apart, one of which is blessing and the other one is holding the Gospel book. In the corners of the centerpiece are represented half-figures of Jesus Christ with the Gospel book and the Mother of God with the omophorion.

Was deposited in 1935.

Restoration: МежСНРПМ, 1977, restorer – Mitrofanov V.A.

Border scenes:

  1. Nativity of Nicholas the Wonderworker
  2. Baptism
  3. Beginning of education
  4. St. Nicholas consecrated as a bishop
  5. Appearance before Tsar Constantine in his sleep
  6. Appearance before eparch Evlavius in his sleep
  7. Saving reverend Christopher from sword
  8. Saving three men from dungeon
  9. Saving Demetrios from drowning
  10. Miracle of Agrik’s son Basilios
  11. Death of St. Nicholas
  12. Transfer of St. Nicholas’s relics from Myra of Lycia to Bari

Inv. №1027/2. © Cherepovets Museum Association.

Bibliography: Куликова О.В. Древние лики Русского Севера. Из музейного собрания икон XIV-XIX веков города Череповца. М., 2009. С. 22, кат. № 57 (Илл. 58).

  • General view
  • Mullion
  • Mullion. A fragment